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“Wink4Me was founded with all women in mind.  To give women the confidence to be who they are and see the beauty and value in being their unique self”

Bridget Davis was just a stay-at-home mom in a high-risk pregnancy, who found herself slowly getting depressed due to rapid weight gain. With feelings of vulnerability, she looked to makeup as a therapy; a place where she could create the image she desired and regain confidence of being in her own skin.

When Bridget discovered that makeup could increase confidence and sense of self-worth it became her mission to do that for as many women as she encountered. She not only accomplish this with her makeup services but she decided to provide products where women could express themselves and discover the beauty and value in being their unique self. Wink4Me was formed with a vision to build the confidence of women - globally.  Because when you “Look Good. You Feel Good.”

The company always goes the extra mile with product development and quality.  We pride ourselves on being a brand of exclusivity and quality.  While it is our hope to set new standards in cosmetics, we are a company that stays true to its values of solidarity, uniqueness, and empowerment.